Folding Bikes at OOTDOORS


Folding bikes are a great way to get around and are extremely handy since they fold up into a compact size taking up less storage space. This makes them much lighter than your average bike and means you can easily carry them around. They’re not as fast or slick as a full-size bike but they make up for this because they’re more versatile, and less likely to be stolen (you can take them indoors and up a flight of stairs more easily). So many people would love to ride a bike to work, but storage space is limited. However with a folding bike you can pop it under your desk until it’s time to go home on your bicycle. You can take them on public transport – handy if your commute requires a train but could benefit from a ride to and from the station, say.

At the weekend or holiday time rolls around and you have no need to commute, why not take your bike with you on holiday? They’re so easy to transport and with one of these you don’t even need to buy a cycle rack, they should fit into your boot!

Bikes, including folding ones, are priced according to the quality of their components, so you’ll always get a better bike by paying more. So once you’ve set your budget, the main question is wheel size. The 16-inch wheels are certainly more convenient for carrying the bike, but bigger 20-inch wheels offer a little more stability.

Traditional Folding Bikes
Masleid Folding Bike


These bikes have smaller wheels, generally 12″ to 16″ so can fold to a small  size.





Electric Folding Bikes

Electric Folding Bike


No more arriving at work hot and sweaty, no more aching legs when you climb hills, no more battling against gale force winds – and you don’t need to pay any tax, insurance or have a driving license!





Folding Mountain Bikes

Folding Mountain Bikes
Off road, but still need your bike to fold, either for storage or to transport in a car boot? There are folding bikes that will easily handle canal towpaths and smooth trails, but (as far as we know) Dahon is the only company to offer a viable folding mountain bike in the UK.





 Childrens Folding Bikes

Children's Folding Bikes
If you need a folding bike for any of the reasons mentioned on this page, especially storage issues, chances are you need a folding bike for your child as well.






A bike that can pack down small can come with you anywhere – on the bus or train, in the car, on holiday – maximising your ability to snatch precious cycling opportunities. Also, folders, especially bikes which fold really small, are ideal for flat dwellers, where space is at a premium. Even in a large house, the ability to stow your bike in the under-stairs cupboard allows you to keep it safe, warm, dry, and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Thoughts of your bike disappearing from the cycle rack are a thing of the past when you’ve got a folding bike, because in most instances, you can take your bike with you. Most compact folding bikes are small enough to sit unobtrusively under your desk at work. And of course, at home your bike can live in a secure location in the house, rather than in the less secure environment of the shed or garage. Another security point is that folders are a niche product that most thieves won’t touch.

Check out the 250+ OOTDOORS folding bike listings HERE.


Berghaus at Oootdoors

BERGHAUS FOR MEN at OOTDOORS, Scotland’s leading online outdoors store.

Berghaus, a literal translation of the German for ‘mountain house,’ offers a range of men’s, women’s and children’s outdoor clothing and equipment, including waterproof jackets, fleeces, baselayers and legwear. They also produce a selection of outdoor specific accessories and footwear. Although it has a German name, the company is an outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer headquartered in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, UK. but distributes worldwide. It was founded in 1966 by climbers and mountaineers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, initially as an importer and distributor of outdoors products. Since producing their first pioneering range of backpacks back in the early 70s, then being the first brand to use GORE-TEX® technology in their waterproof clothing and walking accessories, Berghaus have continued to innovate and create incredible gear for people who live for adventure. Champions of the trusty waterproof jacket and experts in essential walking and hiking accessories, Berghaus consistently impress us with their great-looking ranges for all seasons and worldwide climates.

You will find a wide range of Berghaus products in our branded camping range HERE. We also have a range of clothing for MEN and WOMEN listed separately.

Bike Helmets

A bicycle helmet is designed to attenuate impacts to the head of a cyclist in falls while minimizing side effects such as interference with peripheral vision. There is ongoing scientific research into the degree of protection offered by bicycle helmets in the event of an accident, and the effects of helmet wearing on cyclist and motor vehicle driver behaviour. There is active debate over what can be concluded from available studies, and on whether the use of helmets by cyclists should be promoted or mandated, either just for children, or for cyclists of all ages. In particular the debate over bicycle helmet laws is intense and occasionally bitter, often based not only on differing interpretations of the scientific and other academic literature, but also on differing assumptions and interests of various parties.

A cycle helmet should generally be light in weight and provide ample ventilation because cycling can be an intense aerobic activity which significantly raises body temperature, and the head in particular needs to be able to regulate its temperature.

In the USA, two-thirds of cyclists admitted to hospital have a head injury. Ninety percent of cyclist deaths are caused by collisions with motor vehicles. For cyclists admitted to hospital in Western Australia before the helmet law, about 30% of cyclists and 30% of pedestrians had head injuries. Trends and proportions of cyclists admitted to hospital with head injury were similar for all road users.

Helmets are also an essential in the city. Protection is an absolute must when cycling. In order to make your journeys safer, our range offers simple and practical helmets that are adapted to riding in town or in the countryside. You will really appreciate these sturdy and stylish helmets for whatever kind of cycling you do, whether you opt for a model with or without a visor. It is highly recommended that you always wear a bike helmet regardless of how short or long your journey. OOTDOORS offer something for everyone, funky designs to highly ventilated ones, so there’s no excuse for not having one!

See our range of mens helmets HERE, womens helmets HERE and kids helmets HERE.


Outwell Tents


Outwell is committed to creating the very best experience in outdoor living and has an enviable reputation for Innovative family tent camping. They are in the business of making a family´s camping holiday dream come true and our large portfolio of tents, inflatable tents, air tents, sleeping bags and mats, camping furniture and lots of camping equipment is proof of our focus on frontline design and superior craftsmanship that ensure we provide the reliable quality expected by the discerning camper. By bringing a complete range of innovative tents and premium camping equipment to the market they continuously shape the future of family tent camping in Europe.

OOTDOORS list 80 tents from the family tent range by Outwell. See the range HERE.

Check out this video, presented by Julia Bradbury, highlighting the superb Outwell tents range.

Craghoppers Mens Clothing

Today we added a huge selection of Craghoppers clothing items to the OOTDOORS listings, many with huge discounts, look for thr orange SALE tags. Added were jackets, trousers, fleeces, shirts, t shirts, hats and shorts. To see all the 300+ Craghoppers mens range click HERE.

Craghoppers is a British outdoor clothing manufacturer and supplier that was founded in Batley, West Yorkshire in 1965. According to their website, the company was set up by outdoor enthusiasts who were planning an expedition to climb Mount Everest. They wanted gear which would withstand the harshest of conditions, so they researched and designed fabrics that would protect them from the extreme cold.In 2008 the company partnered up with TV’s survival expert Bear Grylls, they worked with him in producing a range of clothes designed especially for him to wear in extreme conditions. Their outdoor clothing and equipment is guaranteed for life so you can rely on the outdoor clothes from Craghoppers to shield you from the elements, whether you’re trekking through the rainforest or scaling a mountain. You won’t find more durable and hard-wearing outdoor clothing anywhere else.

Check out the huge range HERE.


Top Seller in Sports & Outdoors – Fitbit Charge 2

Top Seller – Sports & Outdoors – Fitbit Charge 2


Top Seller – Sports & Outdoors – Fitbit Charge 2. Make Every Beat Count With Fitbit Charge 2-The All-New Heart Rate And Fitness Wristband Built For All-Day, Workouts And Beyond. Purepulse Continuous Heart Rate Makes It Easy To Maximise Workouts, Better Track Calorie Burn And Get A Snapshot Of Your Cardio Fitness Level, While All-Day Activity And Auto Sleep Tracking, Lets You See How Your Whole Routine Adds Up. Record Your Workouts With Multi-Sport Modes To See Real-Time Workout Stats On Screen, Or Rely On Smart Track To Automatically Record Select Exercises For You. The Large Oled Display Helps You Stay Connected With Call, Text And Calendar Alerts, Stay Active With Reminders To Move, And Find Moments Of Calm With Personalized Guided Breathing Sessions. Plus, You Can Find A Look That Fits Your Style With Customizable Clock Faces And Interchangeable Bands. With More Advanced Features In A Sleeker Package, It’S The Motivation You Need To Push Yourself Further-Every Step, Every Beat, Every Day.


by Fitness Journey Newbie

This is my first experience of Fitbit, of course I have used fitness trackers previously prior to ordering this model. Fitbit has been a brand that I have been aware of for quite sometime through word of mouth, friends experience, and sure enough other reviews here on Amazon to which have helped me decide which model would best suit my current needs. I settled for the FBC2 due to its smaller size as I personally feel other models available are on the larger side for me or don’t offer a screen that’s large enough to read the data, sure enough functionality in comparison to the Surge and Blaze model this model does have less features with the lack of independent GPS tracking but I’m just at the begging of my serious fitness journey based on other reviews this seemed like the right choice for me as I usually take my phone whilst on runs to listen to music.

Whilst using the Fitbit for a week I feel I have enough of an opinion to share, I have come across both its positive/negative points from my own user experience. These are entirely my own I’m not staying you may have the same experience as this is completely individual to ones own opinion.

The Pro:
* Interchangeable bands, the previous HR supposedly had issues of premature wear and tear of the rubberised bands, as these where not previously replaceable this meant a full new unit was needed.. Thankfully this has now been changed, this also gives the option to have multiple bands primarily for sport, or for casual or a little more formal look with leather bands perfect for evenings.

* I have used the Fitbit App for a week prior to getting the band to get a feel of it, without the use of the band, this is still possible to track some data like distance, calories burnt, with the use of my devices GPS. During this time I’ve actually quite enjoyed using the software this is probably one of the main reasons I decided to splurge on the band, the software to me is pretty well executed and easily navigated and understood unlike Chinese based versions I have previously have had to use due to having their band… though there is one niggle with Fitbit’s, listed below in the “Con” section.

* As for battery, it’s stated it has the ability to last 5 days, personally for me this lasted 4 days before needing recharged which is still pretty impressive to me for what features there are, just under two hours to fully charge prior to first use isn’t bad at all.

The Middle:
* The small loop band that keeps the remaining strap placed down could have been made of another material, it can be a little challenging to place the band through this loop as this is also rubber.. inevitably, rubber and rubber give grip, this can also be just as fiddly removing when wishing to complete remove for example whilst bathing as this band is not waterproof, Though It can be subjected to light moisture like rain and sweat without issues. If your looking to go swimming to track laps etc sadly, this isn’t the right choice for you.

* As a new user, there is no manual enclosed within packaging, this is done in the app when the device is first set up, and can be accessed again if needed in “Account/Charge 2 101 Guide” at the bottom of the list. Handy to always have stored in the app, but some may actually prefer a backup in paper form.

The Con:
I do prefer to include negatives or improvements needed in my reviews, to keep it fairly balanced. I’m a strong believer that every product has them, as each customer has different needs and wants:

* Personally, I do find it quite difficult to see the screen clearly due to sunlight exposure. I need to manipulate the watch in a way where I can awkwardly view the screen from a turned inwards angle to make out what is shown on the OLED screen.

* Where I feel there could be improvements primary lay with the calorie intake login section of the app software, there isn’t an extensive database of foods even some of the very basic well known brands aren’t shown, for this reason I use MyFitnessPal as the database available is by far much superior. Hopefully, this will be worked on as this does let the app down which besides this works rather well as mentioned above.

Overall?, now your probably thinking is it worth the £100+ spend? Not coming from any other Fitbit model as I haven’t tried them before but I’m glad I had gone for the Charge 2 version rather than the original HR just to save a little extra, when overtime I wouldn’t as full units would need replacing when the band failed. I’m not going to say that I’m a diehard fan of this band and will stick with it until the end of time.. though I may, in time decide to venture in upgrades to possibly the next FB as long as it’s in the same size category I do feel it’s been a pleasant introduction to what fitness bands are actually capable of compared to the far cheaper alternatives I’ve previously used. So for that reason I’d recommend if you haven’t tried this brand before and new to Fitbit like I am.. give it a go, you may just be as pleasantly surprised.

Hopefully you have found this review somewhat helpful and informative whether or not this product is worthy of purchasing. I’ve tried my upmost to include if I was to repurchase this item again anything I’d personally like to know prior.