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Wherever you are, there are thousands of beautiful places around the country which can be enjoyed even more by bicycle. Cycling at a level of effort similar to a gentle stroll can let you cover enough ground to complete a forest loop, a tour of a country park or a pleasant afternoon exploring a few villages with cafe stops and tourist attractions.

Apart from walking, cycling is the cheapest way to travel. It is far cheaper per mile than public transport or driving. While it may not be practical for every journey, the local journeys most suited to cycling are also the worst for your car, your bank balance and the environment. By cycling to your destination, you also remove the need for parking charges. You can use the rail network to take day trips or longer holidays with your bicycle, and ferry travel is much cheaper than if you were taking your car.

There are also considerable health benefits to getting on a bike and you can reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity, respiratory disease and diabetes as soon as you incorporate moderate physical activity into your life. If you do this regularly, statistics show that people who, for example, cycle to work regularly enjoy the wellbeing of people ten years younger. Gentle cycling uses fat as fuel. Using your bicycle to make some journeys, such as riding to work or picking up the Sunday papers, will help you to lose weight and shape your body. Because it is easy to control how hard you are working, cycling is an ideal, low impact activity if you have not been able to take exercise regularly.