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If you are looking for a fun family activity to make your leisure time with your young family even more memorable? Go for a bike ride and add a trailer or tagalong bike attachment and bring the smallest members of the family along for a day of fun in the outdoors The are safe, comfortable, and a fun way for kids to enjoy the fresh air while parents set the pace.

Trailers are heavier and more awkward to store than single wheelers but are much better for heavier loads. With a single-wheel trailer cycle, you’re ill advised to ride with a child more than half your own weight because the twisting forces that the trailer cyclist exerts on the towing bike can upset the steering. A trailer tricycle won’t tip the towing bike’s balance like this because it doesn’t lean; it’s always upright.

A tag-a-long bike is also known as a trailer cycle. It is essentially a child’s bicycle with the front wheel, fork and headset replaced by a long towbar or boom. It fits to the back of an adult’s bike to form an articulated tandem. You and your child can make trips that are faster, further and safer than you could manage on separate bikes. Your son or daughter can help out by pedalling or, when tired, can simply be towed along. Unlike most tandems, all trailer cycles have an independent freewheel.